“Brotherly Loving: Gobbling up history: A Culinary Trip Through Traditional Foods and Beverages Around The Globe”

Enjoying a meal that is rich in culture and tradition can be a great experience! traditional food and drink from the past are much more than a simple way to satisfy your appetite. As if time machines, traditional foods and drinks transport you to distant places while revealing their secrets. Grab your chopsticks or forks and join us for an unforgettable culinary tour.

Japan, first stop. Ah, sushi. What a joy! Wasn’t the original purpose of making sushi to preserve fish. In the past people would wrap fish in fermented, steamed rice in order to preserve it. After a few hundreds of years, the fermenting is removed and some style added. Voila! Each sushi piece is an art work.

Let’s fly over to Italy. Pasta reigns supreme throughout Italy. It wears several crowns. Pasta shapes can be influenced by local landscapes. The shapes of pasta vary from the delicate angel hairs found in the north to the hearty, rigatonis found in the south. Italians have a reputation for simple cooking despite fancy sauces and shapes. Garlic, olive oil and pasta are a winning combination.

Next up: Ethiopia. Have you ever eaten your dinner plate? With injera, you kinda do! Injera, the soft and spongy flatbread, can be used to serve as a food item, plate or utensil. Injera is made from the teff, a small but mighty grain. It’s perfect for dipping into spicy stews. It’s a real multitasker.

Why not visit Mexico to enjoy a few shots? This spirit comes from the Jalisco blue agave. This spirit has a long history. The first distilled alcohol in North America was tequila, which is a result of resourceful conquistadors. Mexico is in every glass of tequila. Whether you enjoy it in a margarita or straight, with a little shaking, the drink represents Mexico. It’s vibrant, full of life.

In India, chai means more than just tea. Chai is a lifestyle. Imagine this delicious spiced tea being sold at roadside stands while people gather together to discuss anything and everything. Chai tea is much more than drinking tea. Sharing special moments is important.

Korea has a kimchi obsession, fermented crunchy cabbage with everything from chili peppers to ginger. This dish is much more than a simple side of cabbage. It is proof that waiting can often produce surprising results.

Scotland’s Haggis is a mixture made of sheep organs and spices, which are stuffed inside another sheep organ. Sounds crazy? Before you pass judgement, give it a go! Haggis has a rugged charm, much like Scotland, once you get past the initial shock.

Each bite is an adventure through time and space without ever having to leave the dinner table.

Remember that when you consume these delicious treats you are also consuming the history of food. Use them without having a PhD, and add some training where necessary. Humans can be the weakest links.

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